Why I Started A Blog

Photo by Georgia de Lotz

Wanna hear something crazy? I was going to name my blog TwentyFivetoLife.com at one point. But then I turned 26 and well, you get it. I wanted to start a blog because I craved a place to share my life experiences with other people and I wanted to force myself to be more open. I’m not a “sharer” but I want to be! A quote I heard on a podcast really stuck out to me about blogging:”You OWN your blog. It’s yours. You control everything. You’re responsible for its success”. I liked the idea of having my own little corner of the internet to express myself and freely speak about things I’m passionate about.


An obvious reason for wanting to start a blog is because I saw a blog as freedom in many forms:

Creative Freedom. I love seeing an idea come to life. That was the best part of modeling for me was being apart of someone’s idea, their vision and then seeing it come to life. My blog is where I get to create something and bring my own vision to life.

Financial Freedom. One of my favorite blogs to read is Pinch of Yum. Lindsay creates simple tasting looking recipes for sure, but what I was really interested in was her Income Report posts. I thought it was amazing to watch her and her husband grow her blog from making a few hundred dollars to being able to blog full time. I want that for myself. I love my job because it allows me to be around delicious food but I’m ready for something different.

Mental Freedom.Just like going to the gym after years of not working out can change your life, I think blogging can do the same thing for me. I can already feel the overall change in my confidence just be DOING it and not being a chicken about it.

I started this blog because I hope that I can inspire at least one person to ignore their self doubt and go for whatever it is that they dream of doing or being.

I hope that this blog connects me with people from all across the world. A blog is A LOT of work but in return you get thousands of friends that come to hang out with out on your blog and connect with you. Is that cheesy? Maybe. But we all could use a little more cheese in our lives.

photo by Alesia Kazantceva

Do you want to start a blog? If you have a blog, why did you start yours? Talk to me! And remember yall, Be Free, Be Love-Shalycee


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