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I’ve talked about Blogtober a lot this month. Now as the month winds down I want to talk a little about what I thought about Blogtober and why I fell off :(. Let’s get into some pros and cons of Blogtober, shall we?


1. Blogtober helped me jump start my blog. I don’t think I would be so close to 1,000 views on my blog already if I hadn’t participated in Blogtober.
2. I made so many blogger friends so quickly. Hiiiiii to all my new friends here on the internet. I’ve had so much fun chatting with ya’ll and reading yalls blogs.

3. I’ve learned so much. If I hadn’t participated in Blogtober I probably wouldn’t have learned so much so quickly about how to set up my blog, how to promote it, and even developing my own style of blogging.
4. I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t like about blogging everyday. What I did like was connecting with new people everyday. It also feels good to see my blog fill up with new blog posts. Now it looks like I’m a real blogger! (because I am but you know what I mean right?)


1. Stress. Blogtober really stressed me out. We all have those days where we’re just not feeling it and that’s okay. However, when I did have a day like that I pushed through anyway and sometimes it made me feel like a BOSS for pushing through but other days it felt like too much.
2. I’m new to blogging and Blogtober really had all my focus and I felt like I didn’t have time for other things that bring me happiness, like my tarot cards. I’ve been studying the tarot lately and blogging everyday took a lot of time away from my studies.

3. I felt like I only had one day to promote a blog post. Obviously I can also promote older post in a future time but I wanted the post I published that day to get the most love. I found myself feelings like I could probably get more views and enagements on my posts if I gave them proper promotion.
4. I’m not a blogger that has the schedule at this time in my life to blog everyday. I defintely bit off more than I can chew by doing Blogtober. Although I’m proud of myself for lasting 20 days, I burnt myself out for sure.

Next year if I decide to do Blogtober or even I decide to do Blogmas, I’ll be more organized. I think that if I would have planned all my blog posts at the beginning of the month I would have been better off. I also should have written out multiple posts on my off days. I tried that at first but life happens and I had to do other “adult” things on my off days. How did Blogtober turn put for you? Are you still going strongs? Any advice you can give to get to the finish line? Let me know in the comments! Talk to your girl!


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  1. October 24, 2018 / 9:43 pm

    I’m honestly struggling to get to the end now! I have the next two days lined up but no ideas yet for the rest of the week. I’ve also missed out two days of blogtober but I’m kind of ignoring those haha. I reckon to get to the finish line read more of other blogger’s work and be inspired by them! You’ve done so amazing for your first few weeks of blogging. And I completely get that feeling of only having one day to promote a post, it sucks especially if you’re so proud of it!

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