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I’ve recently gotten into tarot cards this past month and tbh it’s helped me so much just by simply giving me something about myself to really reflect on. Honestly, I would say that my tarot deck probably pushed me into finally starting my blog. So since my tarot deck was helping me so much I decided to take it more seriously so I bought a few books so I could learn even more and strengthen my intuition even more.

Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea

I use this book as my primary tarot guide meaning I refer back to it when I want to learn more about a card’s meaning. Since I’m new to tarot I’ve been using this a lot. I love this modern take on the cards and I also love the imagery on the deck shown in the book. I blazed through this book quickly mostly because it was humorous and the author’s personal story was interesting as well.

Tarot 101 by Kim Huggens

I purchased this book on my Kindle app but I’m a physical copy kind of person when it comes to books and I definetly plan repurchasing it. Tarot 101 is basically a text book on tarot in my opinion. Each chapter has lessons and and homeworks, other book suggestions that you can read to further your understanding of that particular lesson, and more. I’ve done one of the lessons so far and I plan on taking you guys with me through some of the lessons.

I also have a few websites that I recommend you check out if you’re new to tarot like I am. I especially love the Aeclectic Tarot Forum because of all the different interpretations of the cards. It’s been helping me trust in my own feelings about the cards by just seeing others do the same.

Mirasol Wisdom is also one of my go to sites to ready about the cards. This one is more specifically for the deck im using currently. Mirasol certainly has a way with words and I feel like I always leave her blog with a deeper understanding of my deck.

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I got my tarot deck from Barnes and Noble but you can get yours right HERE on Amazon. It’s The Wild Unknown Tarot from Kim Krans. Honestly I chose this deck on the basis that it was popular. I knew that I could get a lot of info about the cards if I started with a deck that most people love and I was right! The deck came with a guidebook which I thought was helpful too. You can also get a digital tarot deck in the app store but that wasn’t my thing. I need to feel the cards in my hands and shuffle them myself, u know? It just feels more personal to me in that way BUT if you are digging the idea of a digital deck you can check out The Golden Thread Tarot deck

I’m having so much fun studying tarot yall! What deck are you using? Do you have any recommendations for learning about the cards? Let me know below! Let’s be tarot buddies 🙂

photo by Mike Licht


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  1. October 18, 2018 / 2:12 am

    This is a good read. I’ll continue to look through your writing to learn more. I’ll subscribe also since I haven’t yet if you’re on WP.

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