Tarot 101: Who to Follow On Instagram

Wassup yall! I’m here again with another Tarot 101 post. This time with something a little lighter. I’m showing you some cool people to follow on Instagram to keep you inspired or to teach you a little something something. Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Click any of the images to follow them on instagram

A new discovery on Instagram for me but I’m so glad I found him. Disclaimer though, he isn’t all tarot. He’s a witch and he talks about witchy things too such as spells, and books on being a witch. He’s on my list today because of his Tarot series. He goes through each number and each suit and explains their meanings. I found this very very informative and will be going back for more. Click on the image to follow him!

I love lionharts’ daily challenges so much! I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little intimidated to post my challenge but I have been doing them at home and they’ve been so helpful! I’m learning a lot by practicing. She also is responisible for my obsession with my Life Path number(which is 11 btw).

Don’t let the numbers fool you, next up is Lauren of Pentacles. I found her when I was searching for someone who was also new to Tarot to follow. She’s amazing first of all and I’m extra inspired by her. Follow Lauren for deck reviews and spreads. I’ve also been loving her Tarot Tunes series in her highlights.

Tatitiana’s Taroscopes are so visually stunning that you can’t help but wait with baited breath to every week to see what she does next. Recently featured on the podcast Being Boss, she’s on her way to being a go-to for Tarot.

Last but not least yall is my girl Bri Luna aka thehoodwitch. Again, I feel that this is more witch than Tarot but she is just so intriguing to watch. She recently had a showcase with 29 Rooms and it was so so beautiful. Follow her for “everyday magic for the modern mystic” and don’t forget to shop thehoodwitch.com where she sells crystals, tarot decks, sage bundles, and more!

Thanks for reading! Are you following any of these awesome people? Is there anyone you would add to this list? Let me know! I’d love to check them out!


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