Tarot 101: Where To Buy Tarot Decks

I’ve been itching to purchase a new tarot deck ya’ll. I got my first deck from my local Barnes and Noble here in Dallas and I’ll be honest, the selection wasn’t doing it for me. Now that I’m looking for a new deck, I thought I’d share with you where I’m shopping for decks. Let’s get into it.

Etsy. They have sooo many decks on Etsy from self published artist and Etsy also has really cute little silk bags to carry your cards in. Here’s some of my favorites from Etsy. As always click the image to purchase.

Llewellyn. Llewellyn Worldwide is a great place to look for Tarot decks and other tarot related items. No shade to this site but it needs an upgrade in my opinion. It looks crowded and made shopping on the site not as fun for me. Here’s a few that I did find though.

Amazon. Just like everything else in this world, if you want it you can find it on Amazon. The selection is great for beginners who want to get a widely used deck like the classic Raider-Waite or the deck that I currently have The Wild Unknown. The plus side about searching for decks on Amazon is that they have lots of tarot kits for beginner’s as well. 

Local mystic shops. Unfortunately, I only found one place here in Dallas called Retro Revolution to buy decks and when I went into the store they were sold out apparently. However, when I go home to Louisiana for Christmas I plan on hitting New Orleans up. I KNOW I can find something out there and I defintely want a deck from New Orleans in my collection. Here’s some mystic shops you can check out if you’re in New Orleans.

If you live in Dallas, check out Retro Revolution on Greenville. They have lots of cute clothes too! I plan on going back for an outfit or two 🙂

Thanks for coming back to another Tarot 101 sesh guys!! I had fun writing this post and I found some cool decks to buy. I hope you guys find the right deck for you! If you’re in the Dallas area please hit ya girl up on Twitter or Instagram if you know a cool place to shop for decks! Until next time!


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