Happy Birthday to Me: 27 Birthday Wishes

I’m not sure if I should call this list birthday wishes or not but this is a list that I hope comes back around to me by the time my next birthday comes around. I’m turning 27 today incased you couldn’t tell from the title. I’m feeling great about turning 27, something feels really grown and sexy about it to me. I’m also feeling the happiest I’ve ever felt about myself right now so I hope THIS is what 27 feels like.

The list is in no particular order. It was actually hard to come up with 27 things to wish for! My idea was to post this list and then next year look back and see how many of these things I actually scratched off the list. I love a challenge yall. Let’s get into the list.

1. A car: nissan juke to be exact
2. Quitting my job and blogging full time
3. Better relationship with my little sister
4. Continued love and respect in my relationship
5. Work with 10 brands through my blog
6. Raise my credit score to 650
7. Visit my mom 1 every 2 months
8. Travel to Japan for 90 days
9. Visit my brother twice
10. Finish my ear piercings
11. Learn how to speak spanish
12. Learn how to swim
13. Start my youtube cookiing channel called Everything With Rice
14. Start my business which I don’t want to say what it is or what its called yet
15. Maintain a gym routine
16. Grow my knowledge of Tarot and even travel to some workshops to learn more
17. Continue to believe in myself and my capabilities
18. Rent a two bedroom and turn one bedroom into an office
19. Take a food photography courses
20. Start a photo journal
21. Practice guitar
22. Take Udacity’s digital marketing course
23. Purchase clothes for quality not quanity
24. Explore more of Dallas
25. Start some family traditions with Olivier
26. See more live music
27. Build a tribe of like minded woman

Thank you to everyone that wished me happy birthday so far. I feel the love, its warm and cozy 🙂 Is your birthday coming up? What things do you hope to accomplish before your next bday? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. October 8, 2018 / 9:15 pm

    Beautiful, sis! Manifest all of your dreams <3

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