5 Ways to Strengthen Your Will Power

It’s been taking a lot of will power to get through Blogtober and its only day 10 as I’m writing this (trying to stay ahead of the game here people) and I know that to get to day 31 it’s gonna take even more will power. First of all we all should know what will power means but if don’t, I’ll define it for you. Will power is control exerted to do something or to retrain impulses that is response from both the body and the mind. This one’s for all my new blogger friends. I’m here to the rescue yall with 5 ways to stregnthen your will power. Let’s get into it.

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1. Stick to the plan. Life gets in the way sometimes, trust me I know. I’m waiting tables right now and sometimes I get home at midnight or later. It’s been hard to bring myself to work on my blog after work every night but I’ve been doing it. Ten days in yall and it’s starting to get easier. I’m sticking to the plan of posting everyday this month and I can feel my will power levels rising as we speak
2. Meditation. You’re already on the wrong track if your the word meditation and told youself that you don’t have time to meditate. Don’t give into that. Take five minutes to breathe in and breathe out. Clear your mind grasshopper. Mediation has been said to increase your will power.

3. Reward Yourself. We all love prizes right? Set some goals weekly goals for youself and then rewards youself at the end of the week with a prize that you’ve already chosen for youself. For example I’m rewarding myself with an expensive tarot deck if I can get through Blogtober without missing a day.
4. Get Your Will Power in the gym. Will power can be strengthen just like exercise or muscle memory can. You HAVE to train your will power if you want it to get stronger. One way you can do that is by swearing off something that you care about. For example, try not having sweets until the weekend. If you make it to Friday, consider your will power powered up.
5. Change your environment. This is something that I’m working hard at myself. I really need to stop waiting tables. I spend so much time doing something that doesn’t make me happy anymore. This definetly weighs on my willingingness to power through. If you are in the same boat or maybe your home life is weighing on your will power I urge you to switch things up.

Boom! There you have it. 5 ways to boost your will power. I hope this list was helpful. How do you strengthen your will power? Let me know in the comments! Talk to your girl!


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