5 Ways to Overcome Fear

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I have fearless tattoo on my body as a reminder to never give up on myself and to chase my passions no matter what but being fearless all the time is easier said than done. Here’s 5 ways to keep your fears in check.

1. Remind yourself that Fear aint got nothing on you! Sometimes you need to lie to yourself in the face of something scary and say “I am not afraid of this. I got this” Repeat it until you feel it. Say it with your chest!


2. Let go of embarassment. Feeling like you might get laughed at is the reason why a lot of people don’t follow their dreams or passions. I usually tell myself “There’s people in this world that live to embarass others and make them feel bad about themselves. You will never please those people. They dont want you to please them. Close your eyes and do it. You’ll feel better after” I’ve been saying this to myself since I started my blog and it’s been working.


3. Build Your Confidence. Do what you need to do to feel more confident. Do bubblegum pink nails make you feel like a badass? Then get them nails girls! Do you feel confident after that Glam Glow Mask? Then mask it up! Build your confidence in whatever way you need to because that’s what’s gonna get you through that presentation at work.


4. Ask for help. I feel like this also ties back into number 2 on the list because it can be hard to ask for help without the feeling that you might feel stupid for asking. Asking for help is something that a fearless person knows is going to help them achieve their goals in the long run. You can’t know everything and you can’t do everything youself.


5. Read about other fearless people. Get some inspiration from reading about other people who put their fears aside. Representation matters. Seeing someone you admire putting their foot on fear’s neck might just be the thing you need to kick your fearlessness into overdrive!

Blogtober is getting hard yall but I’m making it my mission to keep up all month. Thanks for coming back to hang out it with me! How are you tackling your fears this fall? Let me know in the comments below!


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