5 Must See Dog Costumes

Halloween is coming up, everyone’s scrambling to figure out a costume, but I urge you not to forget about our little fur buddies. They want to dress up too! Don’t know what your dog should be for Halloween? Here’s 5 must-see dog costumes, but first! Look at my doggie 🙂

My dog BearCub isn’t she so cute?

First up is this ADORABLE Pinapple costume from Target.

Click on the photo to shop.

Everyone loves tacos right? Turn your dog into a hardshell taco.

Click on the photo to shop.

I love Batman. BearCub might actually be getting this costume. Turn your dog into the greatest super hero alive for a day.

Click on the photo to shop

Amazon has great costumes for doggies too. Put your dog to work in this UPS costume.

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Does your dog mean business? Do they inspire to be a furry stockbroker? Get this business suit for your dog.

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I keep changing my mind on what I should do for BearCub. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!!


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